What is the Arousa North Association of Municipalities?

It is a public local entity of supramunicipal sphere, created in1974 in order to pool services between the councils which integrate the county of O Barbanza (A Pobra do Caramiñal, Boiro, Rianxo and Riveira), located in the North area of the Arousa estuary (province of A Coruña).

In 2002 the Assoiciation of Municipalities focuses on one of its objectives, the tourism, implementing actions to consolidate Arousa North as a differential and quality touristic destination within the national and international stage.

Currently, Arousa North has acquired strength as a destination due to a large extent to its enhanced value from the business sector local population´s collaboration and awareness.



It is nature, peace and quality.

Arousa North consists of four coastal villages inhabited by open and hospitable people that will make the traveller feel like they are at home.

The location, in the heart of the Galician Atlantic coast and good communication infrastructures make the destination easily reachable. The fertile Arousa estuary that bathes these four counclis is one of the most pretiguous and acknowledged worlwide due to the nobility of its gastronomic products.

Together, with a signific    ant conservation of its natural heritage, it allows for the enjoyment of various outdoor activities in unique and wild sites such as the Corrubedo Dune Complex and Carregal and Vixán lagoons Natural Park or the wide range of beaches and hiking routes which are on offer.

Thanks to the wide network of touristic resources linked to culture, ethnography and the past, it allows for a versatile offer, that´s non-dependent on the season, for all sections of the public. The Universal Accessibility is evident in the touristic offer of Arousa North, which makes the objectives of touristic development geared towards everyone; with each person in their own capacity appreciating the valuable heritage of this area.

A destination with a lot to offer and everything to discover!